My Beauty

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We all look for beauty. Sometimes we don’t even know what we are looking for but we search for it anyway.

The turn of a butterfly wing, the breath of a mountain, the lazy falling of snow, the laugh of a child, the absoluteness of mathematics, or the study of the microscopic world that exists all around us. We seek so much in this life. In the end it all boils down to a space where we can feel like ourselves, whoever we believe that self to be.

Blessed are those that find beauty in all things, in small things as well as the grand. Elizabeth Barrett Browning liked small books, simple words, and small things because she felt she was small while Ansel Adams settled for nothing less than entire mountains and their skies. Some look for the terrible beauty of the Himalayas or the sweeping sound of a symphony orchestra but others are content with the light of a yellow sun on their screen door or the heartiness of a well-made stew.

Where do you find your beauty? In the wide open skies of the plains? In your backyard? In the mirror? Do you struggle to find beauty or does it surround you every moment? Is your beauty someone else’s ugliness? That’s ok. No one can or should tell you what beautiful is.

I find beauty in the whisper of swaying trees, the hum of insects in tall grasses, the exciement of my dogs as they clamor for dinner, and in the hard won life of my kitchen garden. And whenever I feel stumped for a topic on which to write, I let the memories of these things sink into my soul. Inevitably ideas will flow.

Tell me about your beauty and where you find it.


2 thoughts on “My Beauty

  1. Meredith, I too enjoy writing. I especially enjoy travel writing/journaling. I have had three articles published in professional magazines but they were all technical documents. Creative writing to me seems really challenging, I don’t have that process in my head. It seems like you do and you write well. I think you have a lot to say. My encouragement would be to write whenever and wherever you feel the inspiration. You are well spoken and have put together a really great blog here. Keep it up and continue going to workshops. The networking is an awesome thing and you can learn a lot that way. Submit some things to publications you like. Take the chance, I wish you great success.

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